Bulk Weigher

C & A Scales, in business for over 25 years, manufactures and installs bulk weigh grain loadout systems. It also sells and installs truck scales and truck probe sampling systems.

"The C & A bulk weigh systems offer the features that enable fast, accurate and efficient loading of trucks and railcars," says President Chuck Hildreth. "Each system is individually tailored to the exact requirements of each customer. We offer our customers one on one service. We install our equipment ourselves, we don't rely on others to do our work." Keith Clausen is our Project Manager and Cliff Hildreth is our Service Manager.


C & A bulk weigh loadout systems with AGRIS oneWeigh system.
Gamet sampling systems
Cardinal and Rice Lake truck scales
LeMar Industries Corp
Robertson Scale Houses / Grading Rooms

Design, engineered and installation of Bulk Loadout automated systems Truck Scale Sales and Installations

Bulkweigher Controllers

Bulk Weigher Spec Sheet


For more Information on a Bulk Weigher Contact:

keith@candascales.com or chuck@candascales.com