C&A Scales Service Inc.

Specialized in Truck, Track, Bulk Scales and Controllers.

Reliable and Precise
Bulk Weighing Operations

for improved productivity and efficiency

C&A Scales has been in business since 1985, manufactures and installs bulk weigh grain loadout systems. We also sell and install truck scales, truck scale automation and truck probe sampling systems.

“The C & A bulk weigh systems offer the features that enable fast, accurate and efficient loading of trucks and railcars,” says Keith Clausen, President. “Each system is individually tailored to the exact requirements of each of our customers. We offer personalized services, including installation and support 24/7.”

Custom NTEP Scales Up to 80,000 BPH

Whether you’re loading or unloading railcars, barge ships, or trucks of grain, co-products, or processed goods, the C & A Bulk Scale System is designed for speed and accuracy. We build NTEP scales from 3,000 BPH to 80,000 BPH plumbed and wired in the factory with standard Hydraulic-operated testing devices. Largest standard upper garner space in every unit sold.

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