Bulk Weighers

C&A Bulk Weigh Systems

Fast, Accurate and Efficient
Loading of Trucks and Railcars



Design, engineered and installation of Bulk Loadout automated systems Truck Scale Automation, Sales and Installations

Each system is individually tailored to the exact requirements of each customer. We offer our customers one on one service. We install our equipment ourselves, we don’t rely on others to do our work.

Keith Clausen is our Project Manager.

Bulk Controllers

Fast precise, reliable, bulk weighing operations for improved productive and efficiency.

Whether you’re loading or unloading railcars, barge ships, or trucks of grain, co-products or processed goods, the oneWeigh bulk scale automation system is designed for speed, and accuracy. With precise hopper system control, rapid draft cycles and intuitive interfaces, the system is simple to use.

With the rugged 780 bulk weighing controller, RFID tools, North American railcar data, and the integration of the AGRIS V9 business system, the oneWeigh system saves time and effort with maximum bulk scale automation. C & A Scales has installed and supports over 200 systems.

Precise, Fast Automation Loading and Unloading

Maximize your load and attain target weight precision.

Precise control of hopper system, order processing features to prevent discharge of grain, minimal operator intervention improved turnaround times.

Rapid Draft Cycles and Elimination of Tramming

Save time and keep your operations moving.

Reduce cycle time with a oneWeigh controller and eliminate timing with continuous automatic adjustments. Draft size is adjusted with every draft. This eliminates minimum last draft size requirements of older systems.


Free up operator with minimal monitoring needs.

Rely on the RFID-enabled oneWeigh system to start loadout, calculate target weight, finish order, and print the weight certificate.

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